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4 years within the FGC & Recorded competitive experience in multiple fighting games.
These Coaching sessions are where we keep updated with the games "Meta" play style while implementing more of a FGC look inside the game.
This will give you the edge mentally and physically over your opponents in games after our sessions.

Weapons I Mentor(1v1):
- Blasters, Cannon , Hammer , Bow (2600+)
- Gauntlets , Sword and Scythe (2500+)
- Axe, Spear and Lance (2500+)
- Katars and Orb (2200+)

What to Expect:
We will go over some of these things
1. Understanding
2. Adaption
3. Observation
4. Realizing opponents Tempo and State of mind
5. Punishing

I can teach US-E , US-W and EU without any problems Sea , JPN and Aus are a little difficult but I would rather be informed before purchase so we can make sure the coaching is right for you.

Please contact me upon purchase via Twitter @CosmicBH or Discord Cosmic#1313

My Discord:

My YouTube Channel: Coach Cosmic - YouTube

My Brawlhalla Guides:

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